la palmyre zoo

La Palmyre Zoo

You won't want to miss a visit to our wonderful zoo at La Palmyre, 5 km from the Tahiti Village campsite in Saint Palais sur mer, one of the most popular campsites around Royan.

A historic zoo in Charente-Maritime

La Palmyre Zoo opened its doors to the public in 1966 with 160 animals spread over 2.5 hectares. Its first season was a success. In the 1970s, the zoo expanded with the arrival of its first gorillas, the construction of an enclosure for giraffes, and the arrival of orangutans. In the early 1980s, the zoo already covered more than 4 hectares. It was during this period that the pink flamingo rock and its waterfall, now emblematic of La Palmyre Zoo, were built at the entrance to the site. The 2000s also saw the park expanded and improved, with the construction of a large monkey area in 2009, a new kangaroo enclosure in 2012, and a new shop in 2019. In 2020, La Palmyre Zoo will be 18 hectares in size and will house 1600 animals representing 110 different species.

Your day at La Palmyre Zoo

During your visit to La Palmyre Zoo, you will be able to admire and observe a wide variety of animal species. On the programme for your day, an encounter with large carnivores such as the tiger, lion or panther, which will delight safari fans; the discovery of ungulates including the giraffe, rhinoceros, hippopotamus and elephant; unforgettable moments with aquatic mammals such as sea lions and otters; an immersion in reptiles, with crocodiles, iguanas, giant tortoises and boas constrictors; or the observation of the most beautiful birds on the planet, such as penguins, ostriches, macaws and flamingos. To the north of the site, behind the African plain, 3 hectares are dedicated to the great apes: you will meet gorillas, groups of chimpanzees and orangutans. The sea lion and parrot shows will also punctuate your day at La Palmyre Zoo. The zoo is committed to the conservation of endangered species and tries to recreate their natural environment as best as possible. The zookeepers take great care of all the species: bears, elephants, lions, zebras, wolves, pandas, cheetahs...  

Practical information

La Palmyre Zoo is located in Poitou Charentes near the Atlantic coast. It is open all year round, from 9am to 6pm from October to March and from 9am to 7pm from April to September. The shows take place from the Easter holidays to the All Saints' Day holidays, with one performance in the morning and one in the afternoon for each show. Admission to La Palmyre Zoo is 19 euros for adults, 15 euros for children aged 3 to 12, and free for children under 3. Disabled people benefit from a reduced rate of 16 euros for adults and 12 euros for children.

You can get there by bike from the Tahiti Village campsite, using the cycle path that starts from the campsite.